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Why Charlotte Shirey for First Time Home buyers

Education is a major part of the home buying experience. You're already thinking about next year, and wondering what it will take to buy a home in 2014.

The first thing you want to do is Scout out where you want to live. It isn't enough to think you want to live in a certain geographical area, like the west side of the city. 

The home search is an important aspect of the home buying process. – getting a feel for price ranges and availability in the neighborhood(s) you are looking in, learning about new neighborhoods, and fine tuning your list of criteria for a potential home is a must when you are getting ready to buy.

Back in the day, searching for homes was done by driving neighborhoods while looking through the windshield of the agent’s car. Today, the Internet allows you to see homes that are available in your search area. Charlotte Shirey & Associates are on the cutting edge of Real Estate technology and can help you narrow down your search with the click of a few buttons.

Taking the leap into homeownership is a big deal. Long considered the American dream, it signals an entry into adulthood that some people crave. And now millennials are joining the party—the average first-time home buyer in the U.S. is 31 years old. 

It is well known that young first-time homebuyers are a crucial part of the housing market, helping to perpetuate the cycle of new construction and upgrades for homebuyers from starter homes. 

According to RealtyTrac metro areas of Virginia are among the top market for Millennials. The metropolitan area of Richmond is popular for Gen-Y because of the employment opportunities and salaries, according to RealtyTrac. Current studies show that one in four couples aged 18-34 are signing a deed together before getting married. 

Many first time homebuyers try to go it alone. Probably the biggest mistake is not finding a good buyer's agent. This is the most crucial part of the process. The Real Estate agent can make or break you getting the house of your dreams.

Assuming your first offer will get accepted can be a mistake. Your seasoned agent can help you with that process. As home prices get more affordable and the inventory gets smaller, competition can get tough. There may be two or more people putting a contract on the same property at the same time. You can’t assume you’ll walk in there, make the offer and get it.

Charlotte Shirey and the Team will work with you and let you know if you should offer a little more. Stay encouraged that you will have a home you love even if you lose out on the first — or second — house you make an offer on. When fewer homes are on the market, buyers and their real estate agents must find creative ways to maneuver around the competition. 

New homebuyers have made every mistake in the book. With the experience of Charlotte Shire, critical missteps can be avoided. Many blunders happen simply because buyers aren't informed or don't ask the right questions. It's painful to watch, especially when a huge percentage of buying blunders can been avoided. Venturing into this process alone, without professional help, is not a good idea.

During your first meeting with a member of our team, we will help you develop criteria that you would like your prospective home to meet. We will listen to all of the wonderful things you want in your dream home, and together as partners we will evaluate homes that are on the market.

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